Ideal for all levels of ability

About TrackMan

TrackMan is a brilliant tool to use in any coaching session irrespective of what level you currently play at.  Basing decisions on factual information helps to identify any problem areas faster and helps us get to the solution quicker!

TrackMan measures your club and ball data with phenomenal accuracy and has become the preferred club and ball radar system for countless touring professionals and their coaches around the world.  In a standard Trackman lesson we will use Trackman and Video Analysis to build a clear picture of your game, uncovering any problem areas and developing strategies to move your game forward.  At the end of the session you will receive a report containing all the data from the session and the suggested ways to move forward.


TrackMan measures club head speed and other parameters that influence ball speed and the resulting distance of your shot.  It is then possible to find areas where the power you are generating in your swing is not being transferred efficiently to the ball.


TrackMan measures key club data such as swing path and angle of attack at the point of collision.  This provides invaluable information that can be used to improve impact and the resultant ball flight.


A great feature of the new TrackMan software is the addition of the test centre. This feature allows us to set up tests that will challenge areas of your game that need most improvement.  TrackMan will score your accuracy and distance control relative to the target line and distance set.  It can also provide you with random yardages within a specified range to enhance your feel – a particularly useful skill for pitching.


I can use TrackMan to uncover elements of your impact that vary the most from shot to shot.  I can also look at areas of your game that are less consistent than others, for example a particular club or yardage that causes you problems.


After our session on TrackMan, I can provide you with a report containing all the data from the session as well as any notes and recommendations for further analysis and practice.

More Data

In total TrackMan measures and calculates 22 different data parameters.  If you’d like to know more about what they are please visit the Trackman website